云南省医疗器械行业协会简介( Profile of Yunnan Medical Instrument Trade Association )


Established in March 2016, Yunnan Medical Instrument Trade Association is a local, industrial and non-profit social group comprised of units or individuals engaged in medical device research and development, production, sales and use voluntarily in Yunnan Province. Now the association has over 300 members.


The tenet of the association is to comply with national constitutions, laws, regulations and policies, social morality, offer services for members, safeguard lawful rights and interests of members, guarantee fair competitions in the industry, work as the liaison between members and governments and the society, and promote industrial development.


Since its establishment, the association has gradually improved the self-discipline management, service levels and the energy level based on constant exploration and practice. In close cooperation with the government, the association has gradually promoted cooperation with the governmental, industrial, study, research and medicinal fields, guided enterprises to follow the new concept of lawful operation. 


In 2016, the state promulgated many reform measures and major adjustments about the whole industry to guide enterprise to carry out the new idea of the operate. The association got to know and reflected appeals of the enterprises initiatively, exerted its functions and advantages in governments, society, experts, media, etc., and delivered services for membership enterprises about expanding markets, building up brands, etc.


With the support from relevant governmental authorities, all membership units and people from all social spheres, the association will stick to the work plan of the Council, forge ahead with determination, highlight on improving capacity and quality of people in the industry, raise the service awareness, innovate service ways, regulate service procedures, expand service areas, deliver better services for relevant governmental authorities, all membership units and people from all social spheres, and make new contributions to the sustainable development of Yunnan medical device industry.





1、 积极组织会员单位参加各种医疗器械博览会、展览会。介于云南省独特的地理优势,积极开展一带一路沿线国家的医疗器械产品多边贸易及合作。

Actively organize member units participate in various medical equipment exposition and exhibition. Based on the unique advantages of the Yunnan Province, we actively carry out a road along the countrys multilateral trade of medical products and cooperation area.

2、 积极开展为医疗器械生产、经营企业办理医疗器械生产、经营许可证,医疗器械产品注册证,以及年审、换证等会员服务工作。

actively carry out medical device production and business license, medical device product registration certificate, as well as annual examination, replacement and other member services for medical device production and operation enterprises.

3、 建立会员维权中心,联合专业法律机构,为会员企业的业务经营及发展,提供法律支持及保障,更大限度的维护会员企业的正当权益。

establishment of a member's rights protection center, a joint professional legal body, provides legal support and guarantee for the business operation and development of member enterprises, and maintains the legitimate rights and interests of member enterprises to a greater extent.

4、 积极组织以医疗器械认证、政府招标业务、进出口业务和与行业相关的法律法规、国家政策等等的学习培训班,帮助会员企业提高各方面的业务知识和应变能力。

Actively organize training courses, including medical device certification, government bidding, import and export business and industry related laws and regulations, national policies and so on, to help member enterprises improve all aspects of business knowledge and resilience.

5、 加强信息工作,搭好信息交流平台。努力办好协会的网络平台建设和刊物《云南省医疗器械行业协会会刊》,及时发布行业信息,努力为会员单位搭建贸易合作平台。

Strengthen information work and build a platform for information exchange. Strive to run the network platform of the association and publish the Journal of Yunnan medical device industry association, publish industry information timely, and strive to set up trade cooperation platform for member units.

6、 积极创建国内外交流平台:协会现与缅甸、老挝、柬埔寨、孟加拉、越南、韩国等多个国家先后建立了联系,同时,协会还与全国的医疗器械行业协会组织保持着良好的联系,促进了我省企业与一带一路沿线国家及国内各地区行业间的合作交流。

Actively create domestic and foreign exchange platform: the association has established contacts with many countries, such as Burma, Laos, Kampuchea, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and South Korea.

At the same time, the association also works with the National Association of medical organizations to maintain good contact, promote enterprises in our province and Belt and Road Initiative along national and domestic regional industry cooperation.






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